Episode 3 – Doctors without Boundaries Transcript

This one actually features material I didn’t use and some I haven’t finished, so bonus content, I guess. Sorry I’m all over the place and stuff. I was sick. I’m still sick. I will always be sick.

ToI – Episode 3 – Doctors without Boundaries

Episode 2 – Some Achieve Gender Transcript

I worry that my voice adds a lot. It’s a problem I had a lot in writing workshops, that no one could understand what I was saying until they heard me read it, which is why I think podcasting makes sense for me. But you might prefer to read 60 pages of screenplay instead. Why do I write it in screenplay format? I don’t know. I don’t know.

ToI – Episode 2 – Some Acheive Gender

Episode 1: A Tingly Numbness Transcript

It has come to my attention that many people don’t actually listen to podcasts, but maybe want to experience their content, so I’m going to try to make these available in tandem with my episodes, since I have them anyway. I apologize that I haven’t put much extra effort into these. They are the document I produced incidentally in the course of making the episodes, and since I have them, why not?

ToI – Episode 1 – A Tingly Numbness

I want to be accessible if I can.