Episode 5: Protesting Just Enough

Skeptics Convention
Special Guest Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Goldilocks’s Sexual Explorations
Mental Illness
and The Queen of England, by The Uncertain Jazz Quintet

Episode 4: Addiction by Subtraction

Featuring: Tyler the Terror
Checking Out at the Sex Library
Martin the Martyr
And We’ll Never Know, by The Apathletics

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Episode 3: Doctors Without Boundaries

The Placebo Effect, an action thriller
Not Featuring: Huffin’ and Puffin’ by the Asthmathimatics
maybe next time

Episode 2: Some Achieve Gender

Featuring: Cis Het Whites!
Bible Stories – The Gospel of Lilith
Guided Meditation
The Gift of the Magi, screenplay by some idiot dude
All the Ladies – Trans Funk Railroad
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Episode 1: A Tingly Numbness

Featuring: Them’s the Breaks!
Fairy Tale Theater – Footloose and Fancy-free
Kathryn the Naysayer
Verizon National Credit Union and
Passion is Passé – The Apathletics
Copyright 2018 LiA Lindsaychen All Rights Reserved