Horror comes in many forms. Physical violence is cheap, and is over so quickly. If you want to really scare a person, you have to go deeper, to the thoughts that play on repeat no matter what else is going on. Elevator music is more frightening than any scream, and worse still when you’re finally able to ignore it, just like you ignore your droopy, misshapen body most of the time, any time you can. It sneaks up on you every day.

At the moment, Tales of Insecurity is a podcast made by a trans woman who hates herself, recreationally. Maybe she’ll sell the rights to Bandai Namco someday and it will be a role playing game about an anime catgirl and Larry David teaming up to defeat, I don’t know, success? Maybe they’re just on a bad date.

Here it is on Stitcher. And on iTunes, and Google Play. Maybe it will be somewhere else sometime. We all have our place. Just kidding. Some people do, I hear.

If you love me, LiA Lindsaychen, and you want me to survive, you could be my patron? I’m not begging. I’m not even insisting. It’s just, if you wanted to give me money, you could, but wouldn’t that be strange?


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