Episode 35: Starting Over Again (Again)

This week:
An Annoyed Astronaut!
Prom Victims!
The Pixlies!
A Parrot and Various Emergencies!
And please welcome our new producer, Shauna.

Episode 2:01 Starting Over, Again

Featuring: Kathryn the Critic!
Cis Het Whites: Divorce!
Musical Theater!
Rocket Bees!
and more!

Episode 10: How to Be (with LiA Lindsaychen)

Tyler and a Dog!
Fairy Tale Theater – Positive Thinking
The Men’s Improvement Society part 2
Tommy Bombadillio – The Apathletics

Episode X – How to be a Nothing (with Michael Liam Abbott)

The Talented Officer Ripley
“Bricks of Sand”
The Men’s Improvement Society
and When We’re Gone, by The Apathletics and their roommate

Episode 8: House of Glass

Featuring: House of Glass by Natalie Stencil, adapted from Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie

Episode 7: You’re Too Kind

The Griffin Personality Simulator
Domestic Bliss
Busybodies part 2
The Sociopath
Blood Oath – The Consensual Vampires

Episode 6: Limited Liability Corporation

Rocket Bees!
Apocalypse Soon!
Sometimes We Get What We Choose, by The Silent Majority

Episode 5: Protesting Just Enough

Skeptics Convention
Special Guest Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Goldilocks’s Sexual Explorations
Mental Illness
and The Queen of England, by The Uncertain Jazz Quintet

Episode 4: Addiction by Subtraction

Featuring: Tyler the Terror
Checking Out at the Sex Library
Martin the Martyr
And We’ll Never Know, by The Apathletics

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Episode 3: Doctors Without Boundaries

The Placebo Effect, an action thriller
Not Featuring: Huffin’ and Puffin’ by the Asthmathimatics
maybe next time