Donkey Kong

Although her photoshoot was only a few blocks away, Pauline was considering other routes. No, she had no good alternative. The most direct path took less than ten minutes to walk. Just getting to the nearest subway station would take longer, and due to construction, any cab would have to make a significant detour.

The construction was the problem. Perhaps she should be more accustomed to unwanted attention, but walking past those men in their hard hats had been beyond uncomfortable. Their obscenities came close to threats, but the worst were their stares. Anything they were doing stopped when she went past, just so they could ogle her in unison from their perches.

Disgusting. Pauline had an idea, though.

“Hey, mama. Why don’t you bring that sweet ass up here?”

“Okay,” she yelled back. “Where do you want me to bring it?”

She crossed the caution tape and let them stare. No one had ever encouraged them. They had no idea what to do.

She lifted her hands in mock surprise. “What’s the matter? Cat got your dicks?” Her voice lowered involuntarily as she cursed. She wasn’t used to speaking their language, but she’d made her point. They looked afraid, almost panicked.

She felt a hand grasp her shoulder. She tried to pull away, but it was strong, and it clenched around her. The thousand-pound gorilla wasn’t as shy as the men were, but what was it doing here?

It carried her and climbed. This had been a mistake, but she couldn’t have known.

“Help!” she cried, and she watched her captor throw barrels and girders at the other apes. She watched a man fall and snap his neck. They couldn’t help. Any attempt they made would result in injury or death.

“Help,” she said again, staring.

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“Oh John!” “Oh Marsha!”

John and Marsha were sitting on a rowboat, not rowing, just letting the gentle ripples of the pond ease them along. They had nowhere they wanted to go. Everything they wanted was right here.

With a breath of night air, John whispered into Marsha’s ready ear, “You matter to me.”

Marsha whispered back, “You antimatter to me,” and they kissed. All around them, air melted, water dissolved, and what remained of time and space bolted from the universe in an explosion without fire. Their bodies clung to each other with a force stronger than gravity, stronger than the bonds that hold atoms together. They fell into a singularity, leaving the old universe behind, starting from scratch, so that everything that ever happened would be in their embrace. Stars and planets would form. Within them, life. New lovers would discover each other, even as the edges of the universe grew more distant. And eventually, two more lovers would sit together on a rowboat, not rowing, and the gentle ripples of what remained of John and Marsha would push them together into a timespace of their own.

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