The Middle – Part 3

King Gorgon is asleep He can’t attack while he’s asleep OH MY GOD WHAT IN HEAVEN’S NAME GET DOWN FROM THERE HATEFUL CHILD BEFORE I COME AND THROW YOU DOWN I raised you better than that You Are Not a Monkey repeat after me I Am Not a Monkey I Am Not a Monkey say… Continue reading The Middle – Part 3

The Middle part 2

everybody sing along! Father MacKenzie writing the words to a sermon that no one will hear doodoodoo Doo Doo doodoodoo DOO doodoo DOO doodoo DOO doodoo DOOooo Please don’t sing if you don’t know the words. Please. It’s insulting disrespectful not to mention annoying Go back to Motown if you’re going to doowop all over… Continue reading The Middle part 2

The Middle part 1

when he fell out of my car I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I had thought he was the killer hold me don’t walk out that door if you leave me now then she turned him into Rice-a-Roni stuffed him into Mardi Gras festivities two dozen there’s no why I’m paying for… Continue reading The Middle part 1