Donkey Kong

Although her photoshoot was only a few blocks away, Pauline was considering other routes. No, she had no good alternative. The most direct path took less than ten minutes to walk. Just getting to the nearest subway station would take longer, and due to construction, any cab would have to make a significant detour. The… Continue reading Donkey Kong


As she descended through the clouds, she made a note. “Clouds: a promising sign.” This was the first planet she had found with water, or anything like water. Once she’d passed through the atmosphere (an atmosphere, too!), she gasped. Vegetation? They were of unusual shapes and bluer than ones she’d known, but unmistakably alive. She… Continue reading Uninhabited


Farahad knocked against the tree again. He was sure he heard a voice calling out to him from underground. Somewhere in this graveyard was a prisoner. She sounded desperate, though her screams were incoherent. He tried pushing gravestones. He felt against the lone tree for any kind of mechanism or passageway, but it seemed to shy from… Continue reading Genie


The air in the room was stuffy. Whoever had stayed here last had been a smoker, and contemptuous of signs. “We can ask for another room if you want,” Jeremy suggested, but Joel shook his head. The mountain air was too cold, and he was too tired to go back outside. Joel had asthma. He… Continue reading Outing

Lois Lane

This afternoon, in what would have been a lunch break for anyone else, Lois Lane typed another entry as usual into the portfolio of her inevitable Pulitzer Prize. Despite interruptions from junior staffers, she was able to maintain her concentration, relating another improbable but true adventure of humans beyond humans. “So how about that Superman?”… Continue reading Lois Lane


Never once has Sarah contemplated suicide. Even as she sits down after work and collapses in her bed, eager for tomorrow to be just as over as today, she doesn’t consider the possibility of forcing her own non-existence. In her weekly obligations with lingering high school friends, the few like her who never moved away, she… Continue reading Affirmations

“Oh John!” “Oh Marsha!”

John and Marsha were sitting on a rowboat, not rowing, just letting the gentle ripples of the pond ease them along. They had nowhere they wanted to go. Everything they wanted was right here. With a breath of night air, John whispered into Marsha’s ready ear, “You matter to me.” Marsha whispered back, “You antimatter… Continue reading “Oh John!” “Oh Marsha!”