The house was sterile most days. The nights even more so; not only still, but quiet. Only in the mornings as the people left and in the evenings when they returned did anything happen at all.

This was fine. Ollie spent his time alone asleep. Twice a day he would make his rounds, lest the house lose his scent, but otherwise he was content to lie asleep on his favorite person’s bed. She smelled like him now. When she came home, she made clicking sounds and gave him food. He didn’t even have to ask.

He heard her clicks and ran to the kitchen. The floor slid under the force of his paws. He approached his bowl and looked inside, though he could tell it was empty from a distance. He looked up at the people gathered around him. They laughed, and he felt his coat bristle.

His favorite person held up her hand. He wasn’t sure what she was doing, and he looked around for answers.

Next to him on the floor was a strange glowing circle. It wobbled slightly, and he lifted a trepidatious paw. They were watching him, more attentive than usual. They wanted him to get rid of the circle, and they were withholding his food until he did their bidding.

He made a lunge for the intruder, but it seemed to dissolve at his touch. It waited next to him, unafraid. That arrogance would not go unpunished, and he made another swipe. He thought he had it, but it darted away from him. At his next attempt, it careened wildly, and as it came to a stop, disappeared without a trace.

They laughed again and dispersed. She poured some food and left him on his own.

The house smelled like the dot.

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