From her vantage point, Rebecca can see everyone. The reflected light illuminates enough that she can see their shapes and gestures. The couple directly beneath her think they’re in complete privacy, but she knows where their hands are. The girl hates her parents, and is consenting to this boy’s affections not because she likes him,… Continue reading Projectionist


Although her girlfriend was about to break up with her, Nancy smiled over the table. As long as they could maintain this expression, everything would be fine. “I really like what you’ve done with your hair tonight,” she said. “Thanks, I like yours, too.” The resulting silence prompted them both to take sips of wine.… Continue reading Mirror


Through the dark, Gerard massaged the air around his wife’s body until he found her. She was motionless, almost unaware of him, until his hand landed gently against her skin. The sensation took her by surprise, and she twitched, but his other hand brushed against her hair and smoothed her down. He could tell she… Continue reading Cheater