“I guess that guy’s going to Hell,” the guard said to his partner in front of the other door.

“Heaven, you mean.”

The guard smiled. These conversations were always the same. “It must be hard having to lie all the time,” he mused.

The other guard made no comment, but flashed a knowing smile of his own. It was a look of cheerful derision, and it made the guard uncomfortable. He had to remind himself that the look was a lie, as well.

“I’m glad we get to spend this time together,” he said.

“Go fuck yourself.”

And an attitude could be a lie, too. A whole personality.

He went home that night and spent a quiet evening with his wife. They had dinner. They read books in separate rooms, and just before sleep, he told her that he loved her.

“I love you, too,” she said.

They kissed in a warm embrace and slept soundly, glad that they could only tell the truth.

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