The show Richard was watching was a soap opera about fighter pilot doctors who save lives, but have trouble facing their own tragic pasts. The main character, a wise-cracking yet sensitive up-and-comer, had trouble forming meaningful relationships, and compensated by speeding into wartorn villages to rescue hostages.

The show was well-produced, and Richard watched it on evenings he had the energy. Something about it was comforting, though his own life seemed dreary in comparison. He tried not to think about that. He thought it was best to use these shows as aspirations.

“Come visit me,” his girlfriend texted. She was in the hospital, having taken a bullet for the Earl of Sussex. The nobleman had been so grateful that he had offered to marry her, but she had graciously refused. Richard was sure she resented him, so he hadn’t been visiting as often as he should, but he was proud of her faithfulness.

She should probably marry the Earl of Sussex. He was better looking and better connected than Richard, more interesting and more sensitive, too.

He sits next to her bed. After a quick conversation about what’s new (nothing), they watch Dr. Pilot on the mounted TV. In this episode, the main character saves the village chief, who wants him to marry his pick of the village. The whole village even, if he chooses.

Richard can’t really pay attention, though their lives are more interesting than his own. A nurse informs him that all the doctors are busy and they need him to perform an emergency surgery, but the premise is too far-fetched for him to care about. With a drawn out sigh, he lets the nurse lead him to a growth he can remove, just like every other day.

By @nohoperadio - Leah Lindsaychen

Facilitator and Proprietor of Tales of Insecurity, a podcast of post-modern existential horror. I like to make the best of a bad situation, and also to make better ones. I'm here to be helpful!

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