Episode 8: House of Glass

Featuring: House of Glass by Natalie Stencil, adapted from Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie

Episode 7: You’re Too Kind: Transcript

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ToI – Episode 7 – You're Too Kind

Episode 7: You’re Too Kind

The Griffin Personality Simulator
Domestic Bliss
Busybodies part 2
The Sociopath
Blood Oath – The Consensual Vampires

Episode 6: Limited Liability Corporation

I feel like this episode was missing something, but I feel like I’m missing something too. It’s okay. I have high standards, maybe. Anyway, you can speedread now.

ToI – Episode 6 – Limited Liability Corporation

Episode 5: Protesting Just Enough Transcript

I was putting off posting this because I wanted to fix the typos, but I decided in the end, close enough. Sorry if I’m inconsiderate. 😦

ToI – Episode 5 – Protesting Just Enough

Episode 6: Limited Liability Corporation

Rocket Bees!
Apocalypse Soon!
Sometimes We Get What We Choose, by The Silent Majority

Episode 5: Protesting Just Enough

Skeptics Convention
Special Guest Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Goldilocks’s Sexual Explorations
Mental Illness
and The Queen of England, by The Uncertain Jazz Quintet

Episode 4: Addiction by Subtraction Transcript

Hello, here is the text of another overwhelming episode of Tales of Insecurity.

ToI – Episode 4 – Addiction by Subtraction

Also, if for some reason you want to hear my song for the week, here it is.

We Will Never Know

Episode 4: Addiction by Subtraction

Featuring: Tyler the Terror
Checking Out at the Sex Library
Martin the Martyr
And We’ll Never Know, by The Apathletics

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Episode 3 – Doctors without Boundaries Transcript

This one actually features material I didn’t use and some I haven’t finished, so bonus content, I guess. Sorry I’m all over the place and stuff. I was sick. I’m still sick. I will always be sick.

ToI – Episode 3 – Doctors without Boundaries