Part Two: Keeping up with Color

As may be apparent by the eggplant color scheme on my website, I am not a graphic designer, and while, yes, I do often look stylish and may I say, fabulous? — that’s mostly because I’m tall. I’m sorry. Still, while I know some may find it garish, I like my eggplant color scheme, and… Continue reading Part Two: Keeping up with Color

Episode X – How to be a Nothing (with Michael Liam Abbott)

Tales of Insecurity is on a brief hiatus, but in the meantime, here is an interview LiA did in an effort to reach out to the community. Whatever community there is. Is that a meaningful term? Is it something anyone has? LiA doesn’t really know what people have.

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Episode 8: House of Glass Transcript

A note for the reader: Two characters are written under the character name “Natalie.” This ambiguity is intentional. ToI – Episode 8 – House of Glass