Episode 10 – How to Be (with LiA Lindsaychen) – Transcript

ToI – Episode 10 – How to Be with LiA Lindsaychen

Episode 10: How to Be (with LiA Lindsaychen)

Tyler and a Dog!
Fairy Tale Theater – Positive Thinking
The Men’s Improvement Society part 2
Tommy Bombadillio – The Apathletics

Episode X – How to be a Nothing (transcript)

ToI – Episode X – How to be a Nothing (with Michael Liam Abbott)

Episode X – How to be a Nothing (with Michael Liam Abbott)

The Talented Officer Ripley
“Bricks of Sand”
The Men’s Improvement Society
and When We’re Gone, by The Apathletics and their roommate

Episode 8: House of Glass Transcript

A note for the reader: Two characters are written under the character name “Natalie.” This ambiguity is intentional.

ToI – Episode 8 – House of Glass

Episode 8: House of Glass

Featuring: House of Glass by Natalie Stencil, adapted from Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie

Episode 7: You’re Too Kind: Transcript

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ToI – Episode 7 – You're Too Kind