So I don’t know why I did this in the midst of working on so many more important things in such desperate times, but I was taking a rest with the SNES Classic Mini, and I just couldn’t quite get comfortable. It took a while for me to isolate the problem, but it was all around the sides. The border art; they had some curtains, some speakers, a fake TV, some squares, but I wanted to mod it into something just a little more mod. I wanted to replace what was there, and while I admire the passion and perseverance of various fanart communities, their work was not what I had in mind either.

All hope is not lost! My sweetie has been making this amazing Generative Art lately, and it’s just the sort of thing I had in mind. Why there’s not more vaporwave-looking, abstract, computeryish art for this purpose, I absolutely do not understand.

So here’s a little gallery of of vaporwave-looking, abstract, computeryish art for wrapping around your 90s interactive digital entertainment, or whatever other media you like to put within other media.