The letter made its instructions clear. Parents are to drop their children off at X location at Y time, in order to make Z as easy as possible for all of ϴ.

“You should consider yourself very lucky,” they said. “We pulled a lot of strings to get you into this high school, and you are going to make us proud.”

The child waited in the chair, alone, as instructed. The parents left after a brief and dispassionate kiss, which left a dry spot on the forehead still a minute after they’d gone.

“Ah yes! Hello, here you are. Can’t hide from me, now can you?”

The child said nothing as the administrator entered the room, but the man seemed to be waiting for an answer. “I cannot hide,” the child eventually said.

“That’s right! I see why we let you in here.” The man’s jocular smile shifted away as he got down to business. “Academically, you have done well. We feel confident that you will fit right in at St. Ringo’s. However, for your needs, we’re going to ask you a few questions, so you can get optimized attention for your individual learning style. Shall we begin?”

The child nodded, though the man did not look up from his paperwork to notice. “First off, name and gender.”

“Leslie Douglas. Female.”

The man shook his head. “I’m sorry, that’s not what I have here. We’re going to go with Douglas Leslie, male. Next, what are your sexual preferences?”

The child sputtered a moment before repeating, “I’d like to be female, if that’s okay.”

“Very good. ‘Forced Feminization.’ That’s more common than you might think. But I’m afraid I’m going to need more details. Top or bottom?”

The child said words, and accepted the approval they invoked, one by one. There were no wrong answers. He took his seat in a classroom designed just for him and felt proud to be accepted for all his perversions and hangups, designed just for him.

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Congratulations on your new pet fish! Though you can’t necessarily “pet” them, goldfish can still be fun and rewarding friends for you and your whole family. As long as you feed it and keep its water clean, your goldfish will prove a faithful companion for years to come.

These precious, metallic fish friends have long been popular among city dwellers who have neither time, space or energy to devote to another creature, yet who still want to feel their lives matter to someone. Your goldfish will swish around excitedly every time it sees you approach, and when you pinch some food into its bowl, it will not know the difference between hunger and love. Despite what people say, goldfish remember what they want to remember, and once it realizes you are keeping it alive, it will remember you. You have power over life! You’re important! The goldfish thinks so.

Always make sure your goldfish has clean water. Your new “pet” is a very good listener, but it can’t complain when it’s uncomfortable. When you’re unhappy, you can take steps to improving your situation. You can eat a candy bar or a box of donuts. You can smoke a cigarette or down a bottle of spirits. You can buy a goldfish! Your goldfish has no such luxury, and if you forget about it for even a day, it will be suspended in a tank of horror, starving, soaking and breathing in its own leftover filth, with no possible escape. Worst of all, it will think you’ve stopped caring about it. In its last clogged and painful gasp, it will think of your best moments together, and regret that it couldn’t keep you interested.

Try singing to your goldfish! Take off your clothes and feel comfortable! Don’t you love it?

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