Having tackled the greater problems of asymmetric hands and lonely trees, Hiroshi was ready to advance to level ten, leaving behind the acolytes to join the full-fledged monks. “This exam will test your resolve. You must not cease your meditation under any circumstance. Do you understand?” Hiroshi nodded. “I understand,” he said, and felt the… Continue reading Koan


The children are outside, playing a game of rock, paper, scissors. They say the words with great concentration as they beat their fists into their palms. The little boy wins more often than the little girl does, but is more frustrated when he loses. The girl is frightened of his emotion, and because she only… Continue reading Advertisement


He stared at his hands in disbelief. He hadn’t even been angry, not very. Not enough. Only a psychopath would act as he had acted, but he wasn’t a psychopath, he knew. “The asshole had it coming,” he told himself, but he didn’t believe it. He tried again. “I didn’t have any other choice.” The house… Continue reading Teenager