The Middle part 1

when he fell out of my car
I didn't have the heart to tell him that
I had thought he was the killer
hold me don't walk out that door
if you leave me now then
she turned him into Rice-a-Roni stuffed
him into Mardi Gras festivities
two dozen
there's no why I'm paying for two dozen
when I didn't order one
The Chinatown busline doesn't stop
in Little Italy
not at this time of night
not for you
sit down you cow
I will have my way whether you
now then
when you got on that train
ten cats were born to a single mother
and each one of them will be killed
and buried alive
and where will you be
she sipped him through a distant straw and puffed
him through her bubble pipe extremities
if you've made it this far
the inside reverse fold will
be no problem for you
when the time comes
since she never got her nose back
she assumed you her uncle still had it
and she wanted it back
and she'd do anything she could
to get her way
she would walk to the ends
of Mars through all the various canyons and craters
and Arizonan landscapes
to the place where she thought you made your home
and there in the kitchen she would find you
her uncle tucked underneath pastrami on rye
waiting for her like milk in the 1920s
a doorstep's abandoned child
whose mother's knew she wouldn't be enough for
even though she made the difficult choice
to bring her into this world
despite the boyfriends and parents who urged her
and read her Ernest Hemingway in order to convince her
of the folly of mankind and the reciprocation of mankind
and how the growing of new generations
in pure destruction through the rule of balance
which before they had only used
to choose movies from the library
to watch with friends on a vacant night
she drained him like an open sore
a tuft of sea to filter through anemones
one man
it's difficult for me to say
exactly what gathers us here today
the bond of marriage is so mysterious
their families sometimes
I suppose that's who you are
how are you doing today
I'm no good at speeches
that are not about the
resurrection of Christ Jesus
Our Redeemer in Grace
God rest His soul
one woman
in the beginning of each episode of Quantum Leap 
the main character (Sam Beckett, no relation) 
would have to figure out who he was and what the episode was about 
and then he would say Oh Boy 
but in an apprehensive way and not in 
I gave my love a million dollars 

I gave my love a car 

I gave my love a studded collar 

I gave my love a scar

I gave my love a thousand dollars 

each on its own behalf 

I told her secrets no one knows 

and all she did was laugh

The dragons can be seen
examining their reflections 
in the water 
one of them sticks his head 
underneath the water
and examines the effects 
of the water
on his fiery breath 
the other dragons are pensive
worried about the physiological effects
of the dragon's actions

(gurgling underneath the water)
This is a sensation
unlike any other sensation
that I have had before!

he sniffs the water 
into his lungs and releases 
a long sigh 
the other dragons have lined up behind him 
and are gripping 
onto his tail like campers playing tug of war 
they pull him out 
the dragon huffs 
and puffs 
and glares


CocaCola has been shown
to be acidic in certain situations.
An experiment was performed where
a number of university students
used lead and steel fragments
as icecubes in a jar of CocaCola,
and after a set amount of time,
they returned to the sample
to find that the icecubes had melted.
This experiment was never performed
using Pepsi products

and that’s why I drink Pepsi
Some people choose to drink Royal Crown
but another experiment proved
that ants will flock to Royal Crown Cola residue
more quickly than to any
other mass marketed
commercial soft drink formula
including but not limited
to Seven (7) Up

You’ve done well to get this far, but I’m not one to take these insults lightly! Did you really think you were

going to get away with this? Did you think that I was just going to let you march into my fortress and take

over the throne which I so rightfully stole?

>I thought so
>I didn’t think so

Insolent fools! Prepare to meet your end!

Pathetic fools! At least you know your place!

she held him with
an open hand
and cuffed so freely
he paid his
I'm sorry I have to end it here
there's really nothing else for me to say
I've gone through every word I know
completely excised my vocabulary
and expressed every concept that still
has meaning through my echolalia
I'm really sorry
I know you wanted more
but I have nothing more to give
one man died at the end of the rainbow
one man died on the back of the bus
one man died at the hand of his neighbor
one man died at the height of his lust
one man lived
one man died in a mineshaft explosion
one man died like a bobblehead doll
one man died with the scream of the ocean

repossessing unpaid sandcastles
Hold me Don't walk out that door
If you leave me now then
I'll have no one else to turn
I'll have nothing else to live
I won't know what
I won't be able to apologize
to you
it doesn't have to end this way
can't you simply rough me up a bit?

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By @nohoperadio - Leah Lindsaychen

Facilitator and Proprietor of Tales of Insecurity, a podcast of post-modern existential horror. I like to make the best of a bad situation, and also to make better ones. I'm here to be helpful!

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